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    Overview of the advantages

    The benefits of Alphamoduli in all technologies and process steps.

    Here, you can see the advantages and functions that Alphamoduli offers for all potential technologies and process steps. The advantages are assigned to the corresponding automation levels in your operation.

    You can find more information about the automation levels here:


    Select the technology:

    CAD/CAM import

    In all automation levels

    • Automatic creation of orders, parts and programs based on design data
    • Automatic transfer of NC files, eroding positions, QA measuring points and design drawings
    • No more transmission errors, also ensuring identical naming in design and production
    • Paperless production
    Work preparation

    In all automation levels

    • Completion of missing information from the CAD/CAM import
    • Imported data can be changed manually, intuitively, quickly and easily – no new data import required
    • Quick, easy creation of repair orders
    • Definition of sequences and priorities

    In all automation levels

    • Job list for order backlog visualisation
    • Provision of production documents
    • Manual record of setup times

    Individual machine automation,
    entire process automation

    • No errors caused by confusing parts, thanks to unique identification of electrodes and components
    • Chaotic magazine equipping possible – eliminates the risk of places being confused during manual mounting
    • Transparency – the system ensures that you can always see which magazine a part is located in
    • Option to display parts information by scanning the RFID chip

    In all automation levels

    • Manual pre-setting of electrodes and workpieces on a CMM for all production technologies and transfer of the offset data in a neutral format for all machines
    • Automatic pre-setting based on manually learned pre-set electrodes (in the case of multiple identical electrodes)
    • Automatic pre-setting of electrodes based on the electrode information transferred from the CAD system
    • “Grid pre-setting” for multiple identical components on one pallet
    HSC electrodes and hard milling, wire-cut EDM, laser machining

    Data automation

    • Drastic improvements in available machine capacity with external setup
    • Save time thanks to convenient pre-setting on the CMM
    • Multiple NC machining processes can be combined into a main program if multiple chucks are used on the machine ➔ increased run time
    • Even older machines and control systems, for which automation is not technically practical, can be upgraded

    Individual machine automation

    • Automatically transmit jobs to the control system
    • Automatically start jobs on the control system
    • Automatically record process times
    • Review tool availability in the internal tool magazine
    • Record machine statuses and faults
    • 24/7 operation: Process multiple jobs by automatically switching parts in and out (only in combination with a handling system)

    Entire process automation

    • 24/7 operation: Process multiple jobs by automatically switching them in and out
    • Reduce lead times through parallel processing across technologies
    • Minimise manual parts handling using joint magazines for multiple machine tools
    • Outstanding flexibility as sequences and priorities are easy to adjust
    • Maximum transparency
    Cavity sinking

    Data automation
    such as HSC, additionally:

    • Creation of the EDM program in the machine manufacturer-specific editor
    • Import the EDM program framework, including eroding positions, based on data from CAD (only in combination with CAD data import) ➔ no more transmission errors

    Individual machine automation
    such as HSC, additionally:

    • Interruption point: When a program is interrupted or stopped, we remember the stage at which this occurred, so that the program resumes from this point when restarted
    • The actual spark gap (measured on the CMM) on the EDM machine can be taken into account
    • Workpiece offset data can be transferred from the machine to the database
    • Simple undersize or depth correction, without the EDM program needing to be changed (ZK EDM only)

    Entire process automation
    such as HSC, additionally:

    • As soon as the first electrode in an order is finished, erosion can begin ➔ reduces lead time
    • Parts status is reviewed (ready for erosion) before switching in
    • Automatically start a job that has been previously interrupted due to a missing electrode (ZK EDM only)

    Individual machine automation

    • Part-specific cleaning programs possible

    Entire process automation

    • Automatic parts cleaning after machining on machine tools (prerequisite for automatic pre-setting and QA measurement) ➔ significant time savings
    • Simultaneous use in two handling systems possible
    QA measurement

    Data automation
    Suitable for all machining technologies:

    • QA measurement based on 3D data from the CAD system
    • Best fit possible
    • Actual spark gap can be determined and taken into account in the EDM process
    • OK/NOK message with measurement report
    • NOK parts are automatically blocked
    • Documentation for internal and external customers
    • Track production faults
    • Improve overall quality by guaranteeing the quality of individual components

    Individual machine automation,
    entire process automation

    • 24/7 operation: Process multiple jobs by automatically switching them in and out
    Handling system

    Entire process automation

    • Fully chaotic mounting (no link between place and part, and no place assignment required) ➔ eliminates manual errors
    • Quick loading and unloading of magazine places through direct magazine access (no diversion via an infeed station required)

    Individual machine automation,
    entire process automation

    • Record all machine statuses and faults
    • Record process times (start and end times) for each work step, including machine, order, component and job
    • QA measurement reports including OK/NOK message
    • Overview of parts per magazine

    Individual machine automation,
    entire process automation

    The following information can be sent automatically to chosen participants via SMS or e-mail:

    • Machine statuses and faults
    • Process statuses (job start/stop)

    Individual machine automation,
    entire process automation

    • Central visualisation of all process steps on the shopfloor
    • Job list can be displayed for each machine
    • Electrode progress list
    • All linked documents centrally available

    Individual machine automation,
    entire process automation

    • PDC feedback in customer’s own systems (start/end/finished messages)
    • MDC feedback in customer’s own systems (machine status, error messages)

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