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    ZK Software Alphamoduli

    Alphamoduli – the shopfloor software for all technology and processes for tool and mould making, as well as individual and small series production

    • Guarantee process reliability for your shopfloor.

    • Improve machine run times and efficiency.

    • Automate all machines, regardless of manufacturer.

    • Easy and intuitive to use.

    The four levels of integration and automation with Alphamoduli:

    1. Data automation

    Data continuity across the entire shopfloor.

    The advantages for you:

    • Improve machine run times with external setup
    • Central provision of job data for all machines
    • External pre-setting of offset data
    • No more errors due to manual data handling

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    2. Individual machine automation

    Automatic flow of information and data through the entire shopfloor.

    The advantages for you:

    • Central, automatic job control and transfer
    • Jobs start automatically on the machines
    • All parts on the shopfloor are transparent and trackable
    • Record process times, machine statuses, protocols and faults

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    3. Entire process automation

    Automatic data flow and automatic parts flow with handling system.

    The advantages for you:

    • 24/7 operation: Process multiple jobs by automatically handling all parts and tools
    • Reduce lead times through parallel processing across technologies
    • Automatic parts handling for multiple machine tools
    • High flexibility and transparency

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    4. Maximum flexibility

    Your unique solution

    For us, maximum flexibility means that the manufacturer and technology makes no difference – it doesn’t matter what you want to use to get started or push forward with your operation. The ZK software adapts to your operation – not the other way round. We make this possible using our years of experience as a process and interface expert.

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    Alphamoduli is modular and individually adaptable. Every operation and shopfloor can benefit.
    We are happy to provide you with advice and a quote that is tailor-made for your operations.


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    Designed using practical experience, for practical use.

    The software from the process specialist

    As machine manufacturers and software developers, we are familiar with both sides – machine control systems and application software. We know the issues and challenges that our customers face in their everyday work. The ZK software Alphamoduli is the result of this experience:

    Standard interfaces
    Alphamoduli uses standard interfaces from the connected systems (CAD/CAM). This means that all systems can always be updated independently of one another, since the interfaces are supported consistently across different versions.

    Simple administration
    This much is certain: Alphamoduli starts working as soon as we complete installation at the customer’s premises. We do not require an administrator who is continuously busy working on the system. We can perform minor adjustments to the configuration online at any time.



    The ZK software team

    Our team is made up of experts and specialists with extensive experience in tool making and mould construction. We see ourselves as partners and supporters of our customers.

    As well as installing the software, we also provide our customers with advice and experience based on best practices from a number of other projects. From zero point consistency to adjusting the CAM post-processor. We know exactly where to make key adjustments in order to ensure you get the most out of your systems and plants.

    Additionally, we offer a consultation service that will accompany you throughout the process, supporting you from the very start of your journey towards digitalisation and automation.

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