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    Processing examples

    Processing examples by industry:

    IT and medical technology (1)

    Little wear, precise contours, very fine surfaces

    n IT and medical technology, minuscule parts with perfectly smooth surfaces are used. The requirements for the EDM process are above all highest precision with fast processing and low wear. With the genius 602 Nano, Zimmer & Kreim has specialised in precise and low-wear machining with extremely small electrodes in the micro-range.

    1)  Slide mould fibre optic technology
    2a) 0.5 mm work piece
    2b) Enlargement of the work piece
    2c) Finished moulded part, final size 2 x 1.5 mm

    IT and medical technology (2)

    3) Electrode, min. bar width 0.08 mm
    4) Copper electrode for EDM polishing with narrow bars (0.03 mm) Ra 0.07
    5) Toothed electrode, 8 teeth; the specially modified generator control allows the precise and low-wear use of even the smallest electrodes.
    6a / b) Upper and lower form of the work piece
    6c) Insulating piece diameter 3 mm, height 1.7 mm, bars 0.25 mm

    Aerospace industry

    High erosion rates, simultaneous 6-axis operation, reduction of electrodes

    During the EDM of blades and turbines, high-performance electrodes are needed to allow for high erosion rates and smooth surfaces during roughing. The forming of the sometimes very large work pieces is a complex process requiring at least four axes.

    Zimmer & Kreim machines demonstrate outstanding qualities in working with graphite, achieve particularly good results in erosion and surface quality, and offer a lot of space to move around. As the only manufacturer on the market, Zimmer & Kreim offers a machine control system that ensures the process and EDM in simultaneous 6-axis operation, thus significantly reducing the number of electrodes.

    1) Finished blade wheel
    2) Graphite electrode for turbine blade

    Automotive industry

    Uniform structure, very fine contours, thin-walled electrodes

    Different surfaces, but consistent surface quality. Precise manufacturing of functional parts with small grooves and bars. Complex electrodes for difficult forms. Long processing times with high throughput at the same time.
    The requirements in the automotive industry are complex and require highest precision and greatest efficiency. Especially with regard to diversity and large units, the automated solutions by Zimmer & Kreim prove their worth.

    1) directly spark-eroded filter for fuel injection systems, finest contours and fine surfaces up to Ra 0.01 mm
    2) delicate work pieces with finished ABS-filter
    3) precision stamp
    4) delicate graphite electrode with thin bars for functional parts with corresponding injection mould
    5) tiny work piece for large mass production with die-cast finished product

    Communications industry

    Fine, smooth surfaces, compatibility of the electrodes, top graphite materials

    The production of components for communications technologies requires the highest accuracy both regarding depth and surface quality as well as fast processing times – with electrodes made of different materials. Up to 1,000 electrodes may be used for one tool. This is why the compatibility for the EDM process is a determining requirement. Zimmer & Kreim machines process graphite as well as copper and are optimally designed for the quick replacement of electrodes.

    1) tool for inner shell
    2) tools mounted on a pallet
    3) copper electrode for inner shell
    with thin bars and fine contours
    4) top of tool
    5) copper electrode for smooth
    surface treatment VDI 18 / Ra 0.8
    6 / 7) graphite electrodes for very fine bars and minuscule grooves