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    1985 Foundation of Zimmer&Kreim GmbH by Alfred Zimmer und Klaus Kreim. Machine PEC600 (600 = table length in X) with built-in generator and Heidenhain control system. Integration of the first EROWA ITS-changer.
    1987 Customer requirements result in the introduction of the first pallet changers. They require an increase of the electrode changers from 16-fold to then 32-fold.
    1989 First built-in multitasking control-system with voltage generator (PEG90). Start of software development of programs for external PCs.
    1990 External programming place ProZUK on MS-DOS basis. Integration of measuring desk for pre-setting and simultaneous identification of electrodes and work pieces.
    1991 Introduction of 50-fold electrode changer.
    1995 External PC working as master terminal with integrated software ProSYS.
    1996 Expansion of the product range. ZK1200 with innovative drive concept (2 operable X-axes).
    1998 New, digital generator with re-engineered analog control system (POCON 60).
    By end of 1998 Zimmer&Kreim GmbH is sold to HPI-Holding AG, Munich and change of name: Zimmer&Kreim GmbH & Co.KG.
    1999 Development of a new electrode changer for 100 to 160 electrodes (VARIOCHANGE).Last phase of construction so far.
    2001 Introduction of DUOCHANGE – a handling system for small pallets that can be docked to VARIOCHANGE. Pallets and electrodes share positions (chaotic mounting). On December 31st 2001 Alfred Zimmer leaves the company for reasons of age. His successor is Dr.-Ing. Roland Ruppel, who had gotten familiarized in the job since April 2001.
    2002 Latest generation of control systems with re-engineered generator technology (GENIUS). Expansion of the product range (genius 1700).genius 700 and Chameleon — Development of a new dimension in cavity-sinking machines and handling systems.
    2007 Newcomer genius 1000: Our engineers have achieved  the maximum in precision with genius 1000 . She combines the max.  stability with rapidness and dynamic.
    2008 Transclean – the fully automated wash- and cleaning station. With this development we close the last gap in an automatic process chain. It cleans workpieces and electrodes after the milling process respectively after eroding without any process interruption.
    2009 Special exibition show – at the Euromold: Once again Zimmer&Kreim shows its undisputed capacity in hard- and software for all manufacturers in tool and moldmaking. One big automated cell equipped by five different manufacturers (Wenzel, OPS-Ingersoll, Exeron, Zeiss, ZK) operate excellent with ZK handlingsytem Chameleon und the software solution “cellzuk”.
    2010 A first articulated robot (Fanuc) is installed on a Chameleon linear system.
    2011 Shuttlestation – a transferstation where workpieces, palettes and electrodes can be processed or used for all technologies, the manual changeover between different cells is no longer required.
    2012 The new shareholder of Zimmer&Kreim GmbH & Co.KG is Indel AG, Russikon, Switzerland. Klaus Kreim, the former founder oft he company is back again as Managing Director and CEO. He also owns some shares himself.
    2013 Presentation of the new developed high-speed generator technology IPM tec for all genius machines – at the EMO in Hanover.
    2014 Presentation of Chameleon Quad – the new compact handling system. A fully automated system for tool and mould manufacturing technologies in just 4 sqm.
    2015 Chameleon Mono – the automatic changer for electrodes and workpieces for EDM and milling machines.
    2016 Starting signal for the development of the new machine series 900 based on mineral cast construction.
    2017 Beginning of the new control development “genius NOVA” with touch screen and intuitive user guidance.
    2018 Presentation of the new machine series genius 900 NOVA at the AMB in Stuttgart.