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    magic3PRO: Wear-free Final Dimension Tuning

    Zimmer&Kreim confirms: Additional electrode saves time and significantly reduces wear.

    Finishing with graphite means high wear and tear of the electrode. What was previously considered as a kind of law of nature of eroding is now a thing of the past. With magic3PRO from Zimmer&Kreim, final dimension tuning is now child’s play.

    If tool and mould makers had had to vote, then the vote would probably have been unanimously in favour of graphite: “Full risk up to final dimensions?” No thanks! Because that may result in rework, which involves a great deal of wear and time.

    Zimmer&Kreim has now cleared up this question definitively: the strategy is low-wear finishing to final dimensions. This is made possible on the one hand by the specified generator control genius “magic3PRO” and on the other by a new strategic use of graphite electrodes for finishing.

    Until now, reworking to final dimensions with a graphite electrode inevitably involved a great deal of wear. “Yet this was necessary time and again”, knows Günther Wolf, head of technology and process engineering at Zimmer&Kreim. “There are various reasons for this.” For fear of damage, eroding is usually not carried out to the limit of the data dimensions – it remains a “panic measure”. In such a case further eroding is necessary.” However this becomes necessary, the high wear of the graphite electrode is a problem in the production process, because often new electrodes have to be made. “Every tool and mould maker knows how uneconomical this is: the entire order processing is slowed down – the time pressure increases.”

    Example: 30 min time saving with magic3PRO with an additional finishing electrode

    Wear-free roughing with the V-module

    Wear is always an issue: for this reason, Zimmer&Kreim once again took a close look at roughing in the course of the development work, and with the V-module enables graphite eroding in the area of roughing with almost “zero wear”. The V-module can be retrofitted to the machines of the genius series 700 and 1000.