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    With our development agenda, we are always oriented towards the needs of our customers and benefits for our customers. We listen and we ask. We understand the tasks and requirements of our customers and remain in a constant dialogue with you. We are advisors to our customers and see ourselves as partners at eye level.

    All our employees know our customers and identify themselves with each new order. Our aim is to achieve service excellence. We can not be dissuaded from this goal even with occasional setbacks.

    Our EDM machines will always have an expert mode that allows customers or us to program application specific erosion cycles, even years after purchase: the same principle as an “open source software”.

    We adapt our automation solutions to the customer’s needs in terms of range and lifting weight. We also use industrially manufactured standard components of well-known other manufacturers. We accept with great commitment our task as a system provider to ensure the profitability and future viability of all processes controlled by us.
    With our harmonised software modules we guarantee a complete digital value chain to our customers.

    Whatever hardware we use to meet a customer need, the HMI (human machine interfaces) always remains the same. By doing so, we reduce training costs for our customers and achieve compliance with our standards.