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    Empty magazine weight 550 kg
    Mounting per magazine max. 1000 kg
    Weight of Chameleon robot with one magazine 1000 kg
    Weight of robot with track 500 kg
    Max. pallet size 500 x 500 mm oder 400 x 600 mm
    with 120 kg max. transfer weight.
    Magazine shelves For every clamping system
    Extension covering size 900 mm x 2,100 mm
    Guide rail extension length 1,570 mm
    (matched to one magazine length each)
    Extension with intermediate magazine fitting between two magazines
    LED light rails at magazines LED light rails at magazines for a clear view of ongoing processes; freely programmable, 7-colour assignment
    • Single magazine

    • Two single magazines

      including extension with intermediate magazine positions
    • Extension covering

      (size 900 mm x 2,100 mm)
    • Guide rail extension

      length 1,570 mm (matched to one magazine length each)


    Type Size
    Work piece
    weight kg
    (max. incl. pallet)
    Electrode 250 x 250 x 100 mm 20 kg
    Compact Combi 50 x 50 x 40 mm 8 kg
    PowerChuck 300 x 200 x 100 mm 40 kg
    UPC 320 x 320 x 200 mm 120 kg
    PowerGrip 2’s 158 x 318 mm 60 kg
    PowerGrip 4’s 318 x 318 mm 120 kg

    Product Details

    Easy manual loading of magazines
    Dirt-dissipating tube guide on the magazine rails
    LED light rails at magazines

    Die Magazinleisten können wahlweise mit LED-Leuchten bestückt werden. Sie bieten Ihnen schon von weitem Überblick über laufende Prozesse, z. B. rot für belegt und grün für verfügbar. Die bis zu 7-farbige Zuordnung ist frei programmierbar. Sie kann nach eigenen Sortierkriterien eingerichtet werden.