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    ZK Flex

    Smart maintenance of your software

    ZK Flex makes your software investments transparent, safe and flexible

    All ZK software modules are continuously developed and improved. We are doing this, so that your investment to your machinery is secure. Nothing would be worse than to shut down a well-functioning machine hardware due to missing software upgrades and downgrades.

    Software development oriented towards the growth of the customers

    With its team of developers, ZK is the only manufacturer who still provides technical support for the software of the machines of the 1st genius series in a way that they can be used far beyond their life cycle.

    With software updates and the installation of new programme features, we always keep your machine up-to-date and, thus, increase the productivity and the service life.

    • Make your future software costs predictable in the long run

    • Secure your investment throughout the entire life cycle

    • Improve your cash flow

    • Benefit from the 50% discount for software licences (compared to the respectively valid list price)

    With ZK Flex you can shape your software and update costs in a transparent and predictable way

    And that´s the way it works:

    And this is also included!

    1 x annual software check-up
    via remote desktop (Team Viewer)

    1 x annual status report software
    (with this free service you can learn which machine has to be adjusted soon with which release and, thus, you can plan your investments ahead in a safe and flexible way).

    Regular advance information
    on planned releases and new developments for all existing customers (incl. access to the price list)