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    SD Formentechnik relies on Zimmer & Kreim for automation

    Press release no. 01 SD Formentechnik relies on Zimmer & Kreim for automation For some time, the management team at SD Formentechnik, based in Lüdenscheid, has been thinking in terms of networked process chains. When it came to electrical discharge machining, this mould maker called on Zimmer & Kreim: The Chameleon and the Alphamoduli workshop […]

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    genius 900 NOVA is the winner in die erosion benchmark

    Press release 01/2019 genius 900 NOVA is the winner in die erosion benchmark News about Moulding Expo, 21.5 – 24.5.2019, Stuttgart During the comparison competition of Werkzeugbau Akademie Aachen (as part of RWTH Aachen) the genius 900 emerges as the clear winner: In terms of processing time, accuracy and surface quality (Ra 1,1 / VDI 21). […]

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    Introduction to laser technology

    Press release 03/2018 Zimmer&Kreim present the introduction to automated laser technology News from FORMNEXT: 13.11–16.11.2018, Frankfurt Most recently Zimmer&Kreim presented the new genius 900 Nova eroding machine at the AMB in Stuttgart. A machine that convinces in stability and precision, thanks to its modular design and the thermosymmetrically mineral cast construction. It is precisely this […]

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    Die erosion in a new dimension

    Press release 02/2018 Zimmer&Kreim introduces a brand new EDM machine genius 900 NOVA News about AMB: 18.9. – 22.9.2018, Stuttgart The „unique“ in the industry is Zimmer&Kreim based on more than 30 years experience as a specialist in the design of EDM machines. The genius series known on the market (for example with genius 700) […]

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    Optimised for people

    Press release 01/2018 New, innovative user interface genius NOVA. Intelligent, self-explanatory and simple. News about AMB: 18.9. – 22.9.2018, Stuttgart If something is new at Zimmer & Kreim, there is always a touch of genius. This is also reflected in the name: genius NOVA is the name of the new user interface for erosion machines. […]

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    24/7 – Efficient solutions beyond technological limits

    Press release 02/2017 News about the EMO: 18. – 23.9.2017, Hannover Zimmer&Kreim presents automation solutions for the small batch production Nowadays, the subject of automation is the central issue in the matter of efficiency and competitiveness. Barely a company, no matter how specialised, may shut itself off to this development. Zimmer&Kreim – as system provider […]

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    Zimmer & Kreim focusses core competencies

    Press release 01/2017 News about the Moulding Expo 2017, 30.5. – 2.6.2017 Three business divisions ZK-Automation, ZK-Software and ZK-EDM have been restructured The Company Zimmer&Kreim GmbH & Co. KG has already been restructured internally and externally in the core divisions Software, Automation/Handling and EDM (vertical erosion) for several years. As of 2017, the divisions will […]

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