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    Press release 01/2018

    New, innovative user interface genius NOVA. Intelligent, self-explanatory and simple.

    News about AMB: 18.9. – 22.9.2018, Stuttgart

    If something is new at Zimmer & Kreim, there is always a touch of genius. This is also reflected in the name: genius NOVA is the name of the new user interface for erosion machines. The name is program. The innovative designed interface facilitates the programming of the machines, reduces click paths and enables safe, precise process control even for erosion beginners.  

    High contrasts, clear layout and a clear preparation of contents – the new user interface of the Genius NOVA impresses with its ergonomic design and intuitive user guidance. Operable via a touch display, a bright fresh design and clear colour highlighting, the developers have created the best conditions for a quick, clear operation. Arrangement and size of the buttons or elements have been optimized once again. If you desire, you can do without a mouse and keyboard altogether.

    True to the motto “simply genius – einfach genial“, Zimmer & Kreim has focused on simplifying the handling. The navigation speaks plain text: It ensures quick orientation, so that the user always knows exactly where in the system he or she is currently located. This proves to be particularly useful if you frequently have to switch between two work steps – for example, programming and positioning. The visualization of the coordinate systems also supports the person at the machine: The natural representation of abstract relationships illustrates the results and avoids mistakes. 

    Everything becomes easier

    Transparency, data security and an integrated data flow – from the first CAD planning to the finished workpiece. Eroding has never been so simple and process-reliable. This applies to series production as well as production from batch size 1. Sophisticated, intelligent data management hides behind the new interface, giving every user the security of a precise, uninterrupted process.

    “We have adapted the interface to the natural handling sequence of the user and provided it with an intelligent control software”, emphasizes Armand Bayer, Managing Director Zimmer & Kreim, the user-friendly concept. “In doing so, we are reducing the click-paths and intuitively enabling safe handling with precise results.” And that is precisely what sets the genius genius NOVA concept apart:

    Everything gets a little bit simpler. This will make it possible for the tool and die maker to use even low-qualified personnel and to occupy their machines in such a way that continuous productivity is guaranteed.

    Once again, the Brensbach-based company demonstrates holistic thinking with this development. Also machines of older series are considered. In connection with an economically meaningful replacement of older control systems, consisting of hardware and software, it is also possible to convert earlier genius machine series to the genius control. Thus, Zimmer & Kreim also offers customers of earlier series safety for their investments.

    And all AMB trade fair visitors can assess it: In September in Stuttgart, Hall 7 Stand D/74. We invite you to visit us at the fair stand.