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    genius 602

    Travel distance X - Y: 350 x 250 mm
    Travel distance Z: 315 mm
    Table: Length x width: 576 x 400 mm
    highly accurate


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    The temperature of the dielectric fluid is automatically controlled via a thermostat. The rigid cast iron construction with pre-stressed anti-friction guideways avoids vibrations and thus ensures stability. Even on unstable floors, the three-point set-up ensures a continuously uniform alignment. The travel range of the genius 602 optimally utilises the size of the table, making the machine suitable for a wide range of tasks. In addition, it also allows you to take a first step towards automation.

    Travel distance X – Y 350 x 250 mm
    Travel distance Z 315 mm
    Table: Length x width 576 x 400 mm
    Distance: Table – sleeve w / o chuck max. / min. 550 / 240 mm
    (optional 615 / 305 mm)
    Dielectric fluid above table 365 mm
    Overall dimensions (w x d x h) 900 x 1680 x 2540 mm
    Total weight (w / o fluids) 2000 kg
    Workpiece weight 500 kg
    Electrode weight w. rot. head 15 kg
    Electrode weight w / o rot. head 50 kg with man. safety
    Rapid traverse speed X – Y 2 m / min
    Rapid traverse speed Z 4 m / min
    Resolution X – Y – Z 0.001 mm
    Resolution C 0.001°
    Dielectric fluid consumption 250 litres
    Generator genius magic3
    Operating current 50 A
    Suction capacity 200 m3 / h (55 l / sec)
    Required cooling capacity 2.5 kW
    Floor load 3.5 N / mm2
    Number of adjustable feet 3
    Weight per foot 1 t
    Diameter of base plate ø 60 mm
    Flow rate (air) 10 l / min
    Required air pressure min. 6 bar
    T-slots: number / width / distance 4 slots  / 10 mm / 3 x 100 mm
    Paper cartridge filter 3 pcs.
    Flushing device 3 Pressure ports
    1 Suction connection
    1 Fine amount pressure port
    PROGmodEDM Programming software
    Electrode changer 16-fold
    Change system Multi-Change Robot system Chameleon:
    All-in-one solution for all Pallet
    and electrode combinations
    Sleeve system, pallet system EROWA, 3R, Hirschmann, POWERGRIP, Mecatool, etc.
    C-module for carbide metal working
    O-module for very fine surfaces
    Flush flow regulator 15-fold
    Flushing device expandable to 14 connections
    Q-axis 5th EDM axis
    Rotation head up to 700 r / min
    High pressure flushing device possible
    JOBmodEDM order control system
    IDENTmod Identification
    Temperature compensation possible
    High pressure flushing possible

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    Machine Details

    Fully mobile dielectric fluid tank.

    Dielectric level above table: 365 mm

    Control by fibre-optic cable

    for maximum transmission speeds and robustness

    Windows-based programming interface
    Movable control panel