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    Service overview

    The advantages of ZK’s service at a glance


    We keep large stocks of spare parts for you in our stores so that we can react quickly in an emergency.Our help desk will provide you with first aid and rapid support by telephone. We make sure that none of your queries goes astray from the moment we pick up the phone until you have received expert advice from a service specialist.

    Remote service

    With the remote maintenance service we log into your systems and rectify errors directly online or perform updates and repair work.

    On-site service

    Wherever you are we’ll be there in a flash. Our on-site service ensures that your systems are working again as quickly as possible.

    Machine and software upgrading

    The modular design makes this possible. We will adapt your machines and your software at any time to meet your company’s requirements so that you are fully prepared for anything your customers require.

    Preventative maintenance

    Preventative maintenance helps improve the service life and quality of your machines.