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    genius 1200

    Travel distance X - Y: 900 x 680 mm
    Travel distance Z: 405 mm
    Table: Length x width: 1200 x 850 mm


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    The genius 1200 is equipped with a 5-axis CNC control system and has two simultaneous drives, each with measurement systems for the gantry of the x-axis, which are directly attached. This allows you to process large electrode dimensions as well as small parts on large work pieces. The tank can be continuously lowered, saving you time. Interruptions for pumping, flooding or temperature adjustments are avoided and idle times reduced.

    Travel distance X – Y 900 x 680 mm
    Travel distance Z 405 mm
    Table: Length x width 1200 x 850 mm
    Distance: Table – sleeve w / o chuck max. / min. 650 / 235 mm
    (optional 750 / 325 mm)
    Dielectric fluid above table 410 mm
    Overall dimensions (w x d x h) (1,540 x 1,520 x 2,710) mm
    Total weight (w / o fluids) 3700 kg
    Workpiece weight 3000 kg
    Electrode weight w /o rot. head 100 kg
    Electrode weight w. rot. head 50 kg with man. safety
    Rapid traverse speed X – Y 2 m / min
    Rapid traverse speed Z 4 m / min
    Resolution X – Y – Z 0,001 mm
    Resolution C 0,001°
    Dielectric fluid consumption 900 litres
    Generator genius magic3
    Operating current 80 A (+ 80 A with booster)
    Suction capacity 200 m3 / h (55 l / sec)
    Required cooling capacity 2,5 kW
    Floor load 5,5 N / mm2
    Number of adjustable feet 3
    Weight per foot 1,5 t
    Diameter of base plate ø 60 mm
    Flow rate (air) 10 l / min
    Required air pressure min. 6 bar
    T-slots: number / width / distance 6 slots / 12 mm / 5 x 145 mm
    Paper cartridge filter 6 pcs.
    Flushing device 3 Pressure ports
    1 Suction connection
    1 Fine amount pressure port
    PROGmodEDM Programming software
    Electrode changer 16-, 24-fold
    Change system Multi-Change Robot system Chameleon:
    All-in-one solution for all pallet
    and electrode combinations
    Sleeve system, pallet system EROWA, 3R, Hirschmann,
    POWERGRIP, Mecatool etc.
    C-module for carbide metal working
    O-module for very fine surfaces
    Flush flow regulator 15-fold
    Flushing device expandable to 14 connections
    Circular / swivel table 5th + 6th EDM axis
    Rotation head up to 700 r / min
    High pressure flushing device possible
    JOBmodEDM order control system
    IDENTmod Identification
    High pressure flushing possible

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    Machine Details

    Great accessibility of the table from all sides
    Representation of the axis movements
    x-guide with glass scale
    Torsion-resistant cast iron machine bed
    Movable control panel
    Windows-based programming interface
    Control by fibre-optic cable

    for maximum transmission speeds and robustness.

    Fully mobile dielectric fluid tank