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    genius 900 NOVA

    The next dimension of eroding


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    The features at a glance:

    • Simultaneous 8 axes operation
    • Manual eroding for teaching electric discharge machining via manual control with joystick function
    • LCD display and Windows 10 touch monitor
    • High vibration dampening due to mineral casting
    • Movable tank (without dielectric emptying)
    • Acceleration 1G 10 m/sec²
    • Highest erosion performance and precision for all material pairs
    • Wear-free final dimension tuning
    • Thermo-symmetric mineral cast construction
    • Fully enclosed integrated measuring systems
    • Integrated electro cabinet cooling (standard)
    • Fully temperature-controlled machine frame (optional)
    • LED status display (optional)
    • Fully integrated workspace lighting (optional)
    • Freely programmable flushing (optional)
    • Automatic central lubrication (optional)
    Height 2650 mm
    Width 1800 mm
    Depth 2750 mm
    Total weight (w / o fluids) ca. 7000 kg
    Table: Length x width 600 x 900 mm
    Dielectric fluid above table 450 mm
    Dielectric filter 1 central filter
    Workpiece weight 1000 kg
    T-slots: number / width / distance 6 slots / 10 mm / 83/100/100/100/83 mm
    Distance: Table – sleeve
    w / o chuck max. / min.
    550 / 150 mm
    opt. 660 / 260 mm
    Travel distance X – Y 720 x 420 mm
    Travel distance Z 400 mm
    Resolution X – Y – Z 0,001 mm
    Rapid travers rate X -Y 20 m / min
    Rapid travers rate Z 20 m / min
    Electrode weight max. 100 kg
    Dielectric fluid consumption 560 litres
    Number of adjustable feet 3 pcs. + 2 columns
    Weight per foot ca. 2,9 t
    Required cooling power 4,5 kW
    Floor load ca. 1,65 N/mm2
    Space of base plate 1x Ø 150 mm. 2x 150 x 150 mm
    Flow rate (air) 10l / min
    Required air pressure min. 6 bar

    Generator data:

    Control system generator IPMtec (integr.)
    Operating current 52 A in total
    optional 100 A in total (+ 48 A)
    Booster 196 A in total (+ 96 A)
    Suction capacity 6 KVA / 400 V / 50 Hz
    Handling Stand alone operator panel with keypad, mouse and genius NOVA handheld terminal
    Screen 22“ Touchscreen
    Screen IPC Intel Windows 10
    Control system machine own RISC-CPU with 1.2 GHz and 64 Bit
    Gap monitoring own RISC-CPU with 1.0 GHz and 64 Bit
    Engine control Digital controller for AC-servomotors
    Interface LAN-TCP/Internet protocol, USB, RS 232

    Machine details

    Integrated workplace lighting
    Loading by crane possible
    Display for active process monitoring
    Thermo-symmetric mineral cast construction
    Integrated electro cabinet cooling

    (air-water heat exchanger)

    Machine control
    • Control via touch screen

    • Fully integrated job manager possible

    • Direct import of CAM data for program creation (no manual programming necessary; optional)

    Control panel electrically height-adjustable

    The next dimension of machine control: Simple, clear, perfect.

    • 3D Visualisation of the coordinate systems

      Direct overview of changed / activated pallets, workpieces and electrodes. Quick access to associated offsets.
    • Operating flow in sight

      The operation of the interface, including the management of parts, positioning, measuring, programming and the actual eroding process, follows natural processes (intuitive user guidance). Quick change within the applications via icons.
    • Easier orientation via axis representation

      A combination of the actual and nominal value for each axis provides you with a quick overview of where the machine is at the moment and which position is approached next. In this way, positioning becomes easier and more intuitive.
    • Quickly positioned: With incremental and absolute values

      A clear identification for the entry via corresponding buttons in combination with a colour coding facilitates the distinction between absolute and incremental values for positioning.
    • Direct access to projects and jobs

      With one click to the project and job management. Intelligent search: Name and / or planned date as well as directly for specific entries.