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    Inventive spirit and courage

    How do we achieve a reliable result in the shortest  possible time, and with the minimum use of resources? This question has been put to us almost daily over the last 30 years. We provide the answer until today with solutions covering every aspect of cavity sinking, handling and software-controlled process optimisation in tool and mouldmaking. To this end, we combine innovative technologies with a wealth of experience, thereby bringing hardware and software into unbeatably efficient inter-action. This benefits our customers: Through precision, quality and process transparency, we support them on the path to modern manufacturing. It all began on a small scale: Klaus Kreim and Alfred Zimmer built their first cav-ity sinking EDM-machine in 1985. At the end of November 1985, it was delivered to the Lego company. Six employees assisted the company founders on their exciting first steps along the path.

    Today 100 employees work for our company. Over the last quarter of a century, the small business has become a medium-sized engineer-ing company, which supplies its cutting-edge technology products to an international portfolio of customers in the business areas of EDM machines, handling systems and software solutions. During all this time, we have remained true to our roots: we still remain committed to the region in which the company has grown up.

    More than 30 years of Zimmer&Kreim
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