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    ZK Lasertec

    The advantage of our solution is that scan head, laser and workpiece can be controlled simultaneously. So we can work on the part while it is moving. Alternatively, we can move the entire scan head during processing.

    For the machining (3D-ablation) of ceramic coated Inconel® components, one application has already successfully running.

    Technical Data

    Machine Controller

    V GIN-SAM4 Standalone Fieldbus Master

    • 2.2 GHz Quad-Core PowerPC
    • Controls up to 256 axes at 4 kHz
    • Controls up to 8 axes at 100 kHz

    GinLink Fieldbus

    • 1 GBit/s transfer rate
    • Up to 16 kHz closed loop
    • 16 ns jitter per slave

    GIN-SAC4 Multi-Servo-Drive

    • Models from one to four axes
    • Up to 32 kHz control frequency
    • Up to 10 ARMS constant current and 33 ARMS peak current