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    New business model for machines and systems

    Pay-per-use – instead of buying or leasing

    Flexibility is the new MUST-HAVE – for process workflows and investments as well as for usage and price models.

    For various reasons, system investments are not currently possible in many companies.

    Zimmer & Kreim is now offering exactly what you need in the current situation: Flexibility for investments and costs. The “pay-per-use” business model.

    As the manufacturer, we are paying even greater attention to the needs of our users and customers. At the same time, with this business model we are sharing in your investment risk.

    Put simply, it works as follows: You do not need a bank or lessor.

    We have everything covered. We provide you with the system or machine that you want. You pay a low monthly basic usage price for the hand-over and, beyond this, you only pay for when it is actually running. If there are orders, you pay for the machine hours – if there are no orders, you only pay the basic rate.

    This means that you can remain flexible, increase the liquidity of your company, and create space for efficiency, higher quality and long-term operational reliability.

    Unparalleled flexibility. Allow us to advise you.


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