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    Individual machine automation

    Automatic flow of information and data through the entire shopfloor.


    The advantages for you:

    • Central, automatic job control and transfer

    • Jobs start automatically on the machines

    • All parts on the shopfloor are transparent and trackable

    • Record process times, machine statuses, protocols and faults

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    The benefits of individual machine automation

    Central job management

    Jobs and job data are automatically transmitted to the processing machine and started automatically. All jobs and process steps on the shopfloor are visualised centrally in our job manager; at the same time, all linked documents are centrally available.

    Transparency and documentation

    A complete overview of your systems: Process times, machine statuses and protocols are centrally recorded and documented by Alphamoduli. Important information such as machine statuses or faults, and process statuses (job starts/stops) can be sent to the employees responsible by SMS or e-mail.

    Track all parts through identification

    All electrodes and components are uniquely identified by an RFID chip, which eliminates any risk of confusion. Nothing will ever get lost again – the system ensures that a part’s current location is always visible.

    Unmanned operation with a handling system

    24/7 operation can even be established on a small scale. Automatically switching parts in and out is also a potential option for individual machines or smaller process units. For instance, only the measuring or milling process can be automated.

    Interface to MES/PPC

    Alphamoduli can confirm operating and machine data in customers’ in-house systems, for instance start/end or finished messages, machine statuses and error messages.

    Alphamoduli is modular and individually adaptable. Every operation and shopfloor can benefit.
    We are happy to provide you with advice and a quote that is tailor-made for your operations.


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