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    Data automation

    Data continuity across the entire shopfloor.


    The advantages for you:

    • Improve machine run times with external setup

    • Central provision of job data for all machines

    • External pre-setting of offset data

    • No more errors due to manual data handling

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    The benefits data automation can bring you

    Improve machine run times

    By outsourcing setup processes for machine tools to external places and an external measuring machine, you can significantly increase your machine capacity. The processing machines remain productive while the setup procedure is performed in parallel.

    Central provision of job data for all machines

    All required job data can be automatically transmitted from the CAM system to the Alphamoduli database. This data is stored centrally and can then be called up on any processing machine.

    A job list is used to visualise the order backlog and production documents can be provided centrally.

    Data consistency: No more errors thanks to manual data maintenance

    The automatic data transmission makes it possible to implement fully paperless production. Manual transmission errors are therefore a thing of the past. What’s more, the system creates consistent naming from the design phase all the way to production.

    External pre-setting of offset data and QA measurements

    Electrodes and components can be pre-set automatically and consistently on the CMM. QA measurements can also be automated and documented based on the CAD data. Errors and production faults can thereby be detected and tracked more successfully.

    Alphamoduli is modular and individually adaptable. Every operation and shopfloor can benefit.
    We are happy to provide you with advice and a quote that is tailor-made for your operations.


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