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    Software Modules

    The right softwaremodule for each process step

    Alphamoduli provides numerous individual modules. These map all the processes required for linking and representing each individual process step in your shop floor. You are free to choose and really use each individual module according to your company’s current requirements. Each separate module can be adapted and extended individually at a later date.

    Module overview:


    Data flow and the processes run

    “It doesn’t matter to us what kinds of machinery are installed in a mould makers plant. Our software has been designed to function with every machine tool control system from almost all manufacturers and with every type of production technology.”

    –– Armand Bayer, Managing Director at Zimmer&Kreim

    The primary focus here is on benefits for the customers in their daily work. An integrated solution of this kind is particularly advantageous for small and mid-tier companies, because new software can be procured independently of the software (ERP or CAD/CAM) and hardware (in-house machinery) already in place. The data from external CAD and ERP programs are acquired through appropriate interfaces. Geometries, dimensions and tolerance particulars are stored in the ZK database, and are thus available in every step of all the further work processes involved. Conversely, these data are fed back later on for purposes of data reconciliation, inventory management or post-calculation, and reporting to the ERP system.