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    Alphamoduli as a job manager and process management system

    ZK software as a job manager and process management system for a fully automated production cell

    Raymold is one of the leading manufacturers of injection moulded parts for the automotive and electronics sectors. In a fully automated cell, which has been automated using a Chameleon handling system, injection moulds are machined in a cavity sinking procedure. The electrodes required for this are also produced within this cell. The cell is controlled by the Alphamoduli software.

    HAN You-sub, Development Director at Raymold, has this to say:

    “Using the intelligent automation system, we have established 24-hour operation and are able to produce high-quality moulds in a short time. The system has not only saved us time, but enabled us to improve our quality. What’s more, it ensures that we can operate our systems reliably.”

    Before introducing the MES and Alphamoduli software, the systems within the individual departments at Raymold were operated separately. This led to problems with communication, meaning that the company lost valuable time rectifying employee errors. Nowadays, these issues are a thing of the past. Thanks to the central database and automatic data transmission offered by the Alphamoduli software, human error is minimised and new means of increasing production have been made possible. The software enables staff at Raymold to monitor and share information about the production status in real time.

    HAN You-sub explains:

    “Since the new systems were introduced, we have been collecting targeted data about our actual output and tracking all our production steps; additionally, we have reduced the number of faulty products. Besides this, it is now much easier and more convenient to obtain information about systems, analyse data, and control the sales, planning and purchasing phases, as well as quality management.”

    The advantages of the Alphamoduli software for Raymold at a glance:

    • Saved time and improved productivity thanks to unmanned 24/7 operation

    • Improved quality by preventing human error

    • Eliminate departmental obstacles thanks to central data retention and job management

    • Systematic use and evaluation of data in order to further improve operations and productivity


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