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    Automation and networking of machines from different manufacturers

    Installation of a fully automated production cell with ZK software

    The aim: Reduce setup times and minimise errors

    W. Faßnacht, a tool and mould maker based in the Swabia region of Germany, manufactures highly complex injection moulds for national and international customers. For company founder and managing director Wolfgang Faßnacht, the decision to implement automation in his production was simple: “Extremely high precision is essential for us, as are both surface quality and the five-side machining process within one clamping process. This enables us to save significant setup time. That was the deciding factor for us.”

    Automation has opened up entirely new possibilities for his operations. Looking back, Wolfgang Faßnacht remarks, “Previously, we had stand-alone systems and the electrodes were milled on a conventional machine. This allowed a lot of errors to creep in when clamping, moving, reclamping and labelling the electrodes. With automation, this is entirely ruled out. At the same time, it enables us to keep production running using this system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

    Zimmer & Kreim takes on full responsibility for interfaces

    Zimmer & Kreim accompanied and supported W. Faßnacht from the very start of its automation journey. “Zimmer & Kreim played a huge role in this process,” emphasises Wolfgang Faßnacht. “They have years of experience networking different machines from a range of manufacturers, which was a huge advantage for us. Zimmer & Kreim took on full responsibility and took the lead on communication with Roeders and Zeiss, which worked very well.”

    At W. Faßnacht, day-to-day business is determined by small change orders, which must always be slotted in between processes that are currently running. In this sense, the automatic production line and Alphamoduli software proved to be extremely flexible, as projects can be interrupted and then resumed quickly and easily.

    An investment that has truly paid off

    Automating the plant using the handling system and the Alphamoduli software is, in managing director Wolfgang Faßnacht’s opinion “an investment that has truly paid off”. The tool and mould maker is now far more flexible when it comes to machining electrodes and mould inserts. The precision and process reliability of the company’s production have been improved, while error rates have decreased significantly. W. Faßnacht considers Zimmer & Kreim to be a reliable partner – always on-hand in the event of an issue to provide excellent service for this specialist business in every respect.

    The advantages of the Alphamoduli software for W. Faßnacht at a glance:

    • Saved time and improved productivity thanks to automated 24/7 operation

    • Improved quality by preventing errors during manual data and parts transfer

    • Flexible networking: Integrated machines from different manufacturers

    • Flexible processes: Easy to interrupt and continue processes in the event of change orders

    • Reliable support and service via remote maintenance


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