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    The first step to automation on your milling machine: The offset data calculated on the measuring machine are transmitted to the milling machine and individual NC programmes from the CAM system linked quickly and reliably. Due to the external fitting of the workpieces, you can increase the available machine capacity in the blink of an eye.


    This module organises and controls all the jobs on your milling machines. Like all our JOB modules, this enables flexible working according to priorities. The too; management is optimised and the availability checked in advance. Thanks to online access to the machine controls, the system can react immediately to status changes. The assignment of the machining steps of an NC programme for the tools can be interrupted and edited at any time.


    The program manages the availability of several milling machines in one manufacturing cell. The whole priority list is allocated to the respective machine availabilities and processed accordingly. With this software module you also achieve transparency and planning for your milling machines.