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    Your start-up component. With this programme, offset data are calculated from the first machine at the CMM, added to the Alphamoduli database and the results documented.


    This module allows points to be measured directly against the data model. This means you are automatically informed about whether the machined part is within the tolerance and can be released for the next machining steps. The models can be processed in the standard data formats used for measuring, e.g. IDGS, STEP (further formats on request).


    The job manager for your measuring machine. It offers a high degree of flexibility. Depending on parts availability, you can preset manually or automatically. It is possible to switch to manual measurement at any time.


    Use this to upgrade your machines for use in a cell. The program manages the availability of several machines of the genius series in one manufacturing unit. The whole priority list is aligned to the respective machine availabilities and processed accordingly. With this software module you achieve transparency and planning for your machines. We also supply this module for machines made by other manufacturers.