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    Interface and Performance

    Open Interfaces for Third-Party Systems


    CUSTOMER2DATA is an open communications interface for external software modules with the Alphamoduli database. All data can be read, edited and written in the database via a defined XML protocol.



    This software tool – a one-off investment – acts on all three levels of our Alphamoduli, from the simple electrode changer to automated handling. It permits the fault-free identification of workpieces and electrodes where placement is chaotic. A part-related status request is possible via the chip at any time: so you can always find every part in your shop floor.



    This organisational module is used to visualise process steps in the shop floor. The person responsible sees at a glance which workpieces are at which machining stage. Each workstation sees the jobs still to be done and sends a message when these have been completed. Documents such as drawings or quality logs are stored in the database for the respective parts, and are available paperless everywhere.


    With this tool, you know what work is in progress. The program reports smooth running as well as any problems with the working processes, and puts a status report together. INFOmod is particularly useful for night-time operation or at the weekend, because you receive messages to your mobile*, by e-mail or NETsend – wherever you are.

    *) not available everywhere



    CONFIRMmod provides all process times of the machines connected to the Alphamodulidatabase in XML format for further processing in higher-level PPS systems. We thereby support your estimating and provide figures obtained from experience for future scheduling.

    Online Support


    Thanks to our remote maintenance instrument, online troubleshooting is possible all over the world. The cause of the problem is quickly found by using the log-in functions in the system. Modern data security guidelines are heeded, of course.