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    Cavity Sinking

    NCmod EDM

    The external programming station for all eroding machines: Whether for genius EDM, older PEG/POCON machines or even EDM’s of other manufacturers, you programme your EDM programmes with the user-friendly genius PROzuk or the process-orientated genius set editor. Depending on the control type, the programmes are converted automatically into the required format and made available at the corresponding machine for processing.


    The job management for genius eroding machines. This module is characterised by priority handling, interruption of ongoing jobs with saving of the interruption point for defined restarting and reporting of the process times. It allows automatic tracking of the programs. Specific rework through undersize and depth correction is also possible. Thanks to the high technical standard of the genius machines, no external PC is required. For machines of older ZK series, the JOBmodPEC/Pocon can be used to achieve the same performance. Non-ZK machines are also integrated in the job management process using existing modules that have been adapted accordingly.


    Use this to upgrade your machines for use in a cell. The program manages the availability of several ZK eroding machines of the genius series in one manufacturing unit. The whole priority list is aligned to the respective machine availabilities and processed accordingly. With this software module you achieve transparency and planning for your machines. We also supply this module for machines made by other manufacturers.