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    Industry 4.0

    Everybody talks about it – we do it

    A keyword that keeps the economy busy today is “Industry 4.0”. It may sound rather futuristic to someone but we at Zimmer&Kreim have been doing Industry 4.0 for many years. Because behind the keyword is nothing more than the comprehensive digitisation and networking of industrial production.

    With our software solutions and the automation of the “Chameleon” series, we provide our customers with the tools for successful digitisation of their production.

    We support our customers through the entire process because Industry 4.0 is much more than just automation: it means the consistent conversion of the entire operating procedure.

    Shop floor control and automation

    Machine tools from different manufacturers as well as measuring machines and cleaning stations are connected to a central handling system and integrated into the system. The data is imported from all standard CAD/CAM software packages into the Alphamoduli database. All processes controlling each individual production step in your workshop are visualised and controlled with our Alphamoduli software package. Process data is reported back to higher-level systems and important status messages are sent to you online.

    Target-oriented throughput

    Industry 4.0 primarily means for us the continuity of data across different stages of production. This makes every process step more efficient: lead times and lay times are shortened. It starts with predictive, cross-technology planning and control. Machine allocation is automated and controlled by the system, job approval and distribution are prioritised.

    This new organization makes simultaneous, interlocking processes possible. Just the reduction of the lay times by only 10% ensures a six weeks time gain per year!

    Our Automation solutions: